My first peer-reviewed publication goes live!

CJPSI am very excited to report that my first-ever peer-reviewed publication has now gone live on Cambridge Journals Online!

The article is titled “Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Constituency Population and the Quality of Representation in Canada,” and will be published in an upcoming edition of the Canadian Journal of Political Science. In the piece, Peter Loewen, Michael MacKenzie and I examine whether there is an inherent conflict between efforts to ensure the effective representation of communities of common interest and the idea of representation by population (rep-by-pop).

In brief, the Canadian electoral system allows for large differences in population between constituencies in order to enhance the representation of both geographic communities (e.g. rural areas) and minority groups (e.g. language communities). Using both survey and experimental data, we found that these differences in constituency population have no consistent impact on citizens’ experience of democracy as measured either by self-reported satisfaction or by MPs’ responsiveness to constituents’ requests for assistance. As such, we found no evidence that efforts to ensure the representation of communities of interest has harmed the overall quality of Canadian democracy.

I am very grateful to have worked with two excellent co-authors, and to John Courtney and Bill Cross for their very helpful comments on earlier versions.

3 thoughts on “My first peer-reviewed publication goes live!

  1. Congratulations. I would enjoy reading this study and look forward to its publication. Have you, by any chance, read ‘A Fair Country’ by John Ralston Saul?

  2. Any chance you could toss a copy of this to my email? Sound really neat — especially the experimental stuff. For some reason the OU subscription to CJPS doesn’t include the FirstLook online articles.

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