Call me old fashioned, but it’s nice to see things in print

2013-10-23 20.27.21The latest edition of the Canadian Journal of Political Science just arrived, including the article “Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Constituency Population and the Quality of Representation in Canada” that I co-wrote along with Peter Loewen and Michael MacKenzie.

While I’ve known for a long time that our article was accepted, there’s something about seeing it in print that makes it seem more real. I’m very grateful to our reviewers for recommending the piece, and to my co-authors for all of their hard work.

Canadian politics · Democratic reform

What the UK can teach Canada about prorogation

Anti-prorogation protests in Toronto, 23 January 2010.Earlier this week I had an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen in which I argued that Canada could avoid its current controversies over prorogation by adopting the approach used in the UK.

Such a change would also have the added benefit of strengthening the opposition, both by giving it more leverage to pass amendments and by reducing the number of days when Parliament is not sitting. If you’d like to know more, you can find the full piece here.