Order! POL490 visits Queen’s Park

1-IMG_2246On Monday, July 21, I led the students in my seminar on Canadian Legislatures across University Ave. to visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. As luck would have it, the Legislature was in the midst of a rare summer session, and so we were not only able to have a tour of the building, but to have a question and answer session with the Honourable David Levac, the Speaker of Legislature.

I would like to thank Speaker Levac for taking the time to see us, and the Assembly’s Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations team for fitting the tour around our normal class hours.


Talking about Scotland at the World Congress of Political Science, Montreal

On Sunday, July 20th, I took part in the panel on Sub-national Parliaments at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science. The Congress is organized by the International Political Science Association, and is one of the few forums that brings together political scientists from around the world to exchange ideas and get up to speed on the latest research.

I presented on my dissertation research into all-party groups, which are informal, non-partisan bodies that members of a legislature form in order to mobilize around a particular issue or topic. The premise of the paper (click here to download) was to see whether the explanations that Susan Webb Hammond developed to explain participation in all-party groups at the US Congress can be extended to Westminster legislatures – specifically those of Canada, the UK, and Scotland.

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