Hill Times interview on “Religion and Canadian Party Politics”

dsc_1027-t5952a9e4-m800-x476614e2This week the Hill Times published an interview with me regarding my new book Religion and Canadian Party Politics, which I co-wrote with David Rayside and Jerald Sabin. We talked about our major arguments in the book, the first of which is that despite mass secularization, religion still shapes political outcomes in Canada. Second, we also contend that Canada has gone through three major stages of interaction between religion and politics:

  • the original conflict between Protestants and Catholics;
  • the later conflict between progressive social reformers and religious conservatives over issues like abortion and same-sex marriage;
  • and the emerging axis of contention between those who support the recognition and accommodation for religious minorities and those who wish to limit their rights, for instance on matters of religious dress.

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